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Ported LS2 Intake and Throttle Body

Porting your LS2 Intake can offer a great gain in power at a very affordable price. This is because the factory casting is actually quite rough. In addition to the runners being slightly undersized, there are also ridges which disrupt airflow right before it enters the cylinder. We carefully remove material from the intake to open the runners more as well as smooth out the ridges. Doing this can pick up tremendous power!

The blue line is without the porting. The red line is the ported LS2 intake and throttlebody without a tune.

As you can see in our simple back to back test, there is a big increase throughout the powerband around a steady 15-16 hp and tapers off near the peak. Its a peak gain of 13 rear wheel horsepower and 22 rear wheel torque! Again I STRESS this is without a retune or any tuning trickery. Most bolt on cars gain at least 10 rear wheel horsepower and near 15 rear wheel torque. The highest gain we've seen from just bolting on our ported products was 26 rwhp and 24 rwtq. We have not had a car that has not made gains.

Pictures of the Manifold Ports:

The stock LS2 intake manifold was poorly assembled. In the production process, the manifold was fused together creating ridges in the runners that abstruct airflow. Notice the ridges on the unported manifold, these cause tremendous turbulence to the air just before it enters the cylinder. GM was not consistent in their production, so some stock manifolds are better than others, but they all have ridges, and all can be improved upon. Some more than others.

Below you can see that we've opened up the port more and also smoothed those ridges out. We are gaining power from two areas here. First and foremost we've removed the obstruction caused by the ridges. Secondly we've widened the port to better match the heads.

This is a great bang for your buck by far. We also have cores available to send you so you have no down time for your daily driver. As long as what you return to us is in good shape and in a timely manner the core charge is refunded 100%!

LS2 Intake Manifold Alone - $175
LS2 Throttle Body Alone - $150
LS2 Intake Manifold and TB Porting - $325
Complete Package Installed and Dyno Tuned - $700*
The LS3 Intake Manifolds and Throttle Bodies do not gain as much, if any, as the LS2 from porting.
*Does not Include Speed Density, Retunes are $175 less.

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