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Anyone who is checking out feedback on Complete Street, please take a moment to read this post.

I am the proud owner of a 2006 GTO M6 that I acquired in 2008. Since that time I have completed many upgrades from bolt on’s to LS3 heads and cam. I have turned every bolt myself and never had another person touch the car. To say the least I am very particular about who touches my car and as a cop for 20 years I am suspicious of everyone. After viewing the boards and talking to fellow GTO owners I became familiar with Complete Street and Andrew.

Andrew has the reputation as being a bit of a wiz in the tuning department and a person who can really dial in a car. I emailed Andrew inquiring about a tune for my car and was responded to promptly. My appointment was set as I requested and I met Andrew on the afternoon of my appointment at his shop.

Andrew began the appointment by looking over my car; paying attention to every detail, at which time he discovered, to my embarrassment, a problem with some of the hoses on my intake which had been sending my car into “Safe mode”. With that problem out of the way it was time to load the car onto the dyno.

Andrew loaded the car on the dyno and took the time to explain to me every aspect of the process. As the car was being tuned and run on the dyno Andrew was always answering my questions and offering insight about the process.

After several runs on the dyno the tune was set and I thought we were finished. However, Andrew then told me that we were going to road test the car for real world issues. We took the car out on the street, put it through real life driving, and made several adjustments to the tune that made the car an absolute pleasure to drive even with a 231/243- 617/623 cam.

Andrew is the real deal! He is a great kid (I can call him a kid cause I have kids his age) who is growing and learning everyday. He is professional; detail oriented, and above all knows his shit!!! My GTO made 483 rwhp and 434 rwtq and is a pleasure to drive.

I will end this by telling you that this is actually my second cam from the same vendor and Andrew is the second person to tune my car. The first tuner on my old cam was “Highly respected” in the PA area and the only tuner recommended by the cam’s vendor. That experience left me disappointed and wishing I had someone, a tuner, who asked what I though and listened to me!

On my second cam, I ignored my vendor’s recommendation and went with Andrew and Complete Street. The best decision I ever made. No Bullshit, as my numbers are a testament to Andrew’s talent.

Anyone looking to improve the performance of any LS based GM product should go to Complete Street where they will experience real customer service and the greatest return on investment.

No Bullshit!!!
Be Safe and Drive Hard.

- Michael Trail - Tuned 1/10/2012

Andrew tuned my Solstice GXP on 12/11/2011. I could notbe more happier with the tune. I would recommend him to all my friends. It's the best $300 I ever spent.

- Warren Fillius

First off, let me lead off by saying, yes, he does resemble David Archuleta.

Anyways, some back story that likely nobody cares about. October 2008. Drove down to Maryland, met some college friends, installed a Maggie ... pretty decent weekend. Got 1:1 rears done, car was down for 2wks. Decided to upgrade to 122, car down for 4wks. Bad innercooler flooded my engine with coolant. Car down for 6wks. Then, when everything finally came together ... November 2009, car still did not have a tune. So, basically, 13 months without being able to go WOT once in the car. Despite countless efforts, could not get the car in for a tune.

Finally, contacted Andrew Sunday night about tuning it on that coming Tuesday. Wasn't a problem. Made my way down and got started almost immediately. During the tuning, Andrew constantly kept me informed about what was going on, what he was looking for, what he wanted me to do, what his favorite colors of the rainbow are and made sure everything was consented to on my part ... as he placed his hand on mine. He was very open to my preferences on the tune, despite having his own idea of where he'd like the car to be. We ran the car until both he and I were comfortable with how everything was working.

The results? My GOD! Now, to be fair, I haven't driven the car hard in over a year. It's like a new car again and if I'm honest, it scares me to plant my foot into it. I'm going to have to get used to a car with some balls again. Anyways, this would not have been at all possible without Andrew. The AFR was bang on and, well, my bottom end is still holding together with the 122, cam + full bolt-ons. He made sure everything was within safe parameters, which is exactly what I requested from the get-go. Regardless, I spent half a tank more on gas than I did on the trip down. It was honestly a blast ... you should have seen how steamed up the windows were after our session.

Seriously though, Andrew is great to deal with. He knows what he's doing, the car runs excellent and he's more than willing to accommodate (within reason, I'm sure). I would highly recommend anyone on the fence to jump right in ... you'll be in good hands.

On a side note: Andrew ... get a dyno day together ... and on a SUNDAY. I'll even bring some cooked meat that I swear isn't dog ...


I would like to thank Andrew (CSP)for tuning my 06 cammed goat on such a short notice a few months ago.

I had a bunch of issues with my trans, I had to work on it for a couple a week and timing was running short to the start of the drag racing season. I added a few bolt ons and changed the stall on my car. I had my car all buttoned up and ready to go on a Thursday and I wanted to race on Saturday. So I sent Andrew a PM on a Thursday night and heard back from him that night, and we arranged to tune my car Friday night. He even went as far as changing his plans so he could tune me!

Well i was really impressed with how Andrew was tuning my car, he dialed in my AFR, calibrated my MAF, and changed the shift points. When all was said and done the car ran perfectly the next day ran a consistent 12.2x all day long and eventually went on to run an 11.81.

Andrew really knows his tunning stuff, I'm sure he's a lot more experienced now with all the dyno days he's been having lately.

I just haven't had the time to post up about it since i've been busy working 2 different jobs.


So I just finished up the basics with my tune on my recently done GTO. I want to personally vouch for Andrew as a person and a tuner.

I first was referred to Andrew from this forum [], I needed a tune after a long build that has been nothing but problems and continued to be that way for Andrew and I.

The first night Andrew showed up to tune my car was frustrating for both of us. My car wouldnt make enough volts to keep his laptop running, I seem to have a issue with the battery holding a charge even though its new. The next problem was the 02 sensor wasnt working correctly. After three hours of working on it we called it a night.

Second time Andrew came from Philly to harrisburg... the problems continued. The o2 sensor that I thought was fixed... wasnt. Finally we decided to wait till his dyno day that weekend and just bypass the o2 sensors.

On the dyno day we discovered a major oil consumption issue and out of fear for doing damage to the motor we only tuned it for POT.

Now with most issues being resolved(except the battery issue) Andrew spent 5 hours today tuning my car to make sure it was tuned safe and functional. He took his time tuning one of the toughest cams to tune. I have a MS4 cam and idles fine doesnt surge low end, can drive it in a parking lot with no issues and we will see some dyno numbers sometime but it pulls strong.

Andrew went above and beyond what I would even expect a tuner to do and has honestly been the only good person or company that I have worked with during this entire build. I would highly suggest anybody who needs a new tune or a minor adjustment to pm him and set up a time. You wont get better service with anybody else.

-Devin Farrow

Been meaning to make a thread about this, but I've just been lazy. I gotta give a big, big thumbs up to Andrew and Andy at Complete Street Performance. Both are stand up guys who really know their stuff. So far they've installed headers, a small cam, underdrive pulley, springs, and street tuned the car on day 1, then ported my TB and intake, followed by a dyno tune on day 2. The car pulls like an absolute beast now, and still drives like stock. We had a slight problem during the header install, but Andrew went out of his way to fix it and make sure I was happy. We stayed up until about 5am tuning the car just to make sure it was absolutely perfect.

I can't really say enough good things about these guys, they both know their stuff and do high quality work, at half the price of most other shops. Anyone who lives around PA needs to go see them ASAP so they can get the most out of their car.

Also gotta say thanks to Ryan and Matt at Stump's Garage for letting us use their dyno.

- Kurt

Just got the TSP 228R cam installed by A_VAS and a tune by Andrew from Complete Street Performance.

Both did great jobs.

A_VAS did the cam install basically overnight during the week and Andrew took time out of his weekend to install a tune on my 05.

I'll tell you what it's a completely different now. Andrew walked me through everything he was doing while he was doing it and it didn't take but an hour, maybe less.

Both were as as someone doing work on the weekend for fun, but as professional and as proficient as a full-time shop.

I'll definitely be bringing back my business in the future. If you're thinking about getting good work done for a good fair price I wouldn't recommend anyone else.


Ported LS2 Intake and Throttle Body

I had a few mods to my GTO such as cam, headers, and exhaust. I was looking to get a ported intake manifold and TB from CSP and see what kind of gain I could get. Andrew dynoed it as soon as I got there and I laid down 378 rwhp and 346 tq. Not too bad. After the swap of the manifold and throttle body and with some of Andrews tuning, laid down 408 rwhp and 380 tq. Thats a 30 hp and 34 tq gain from just the swap and tune. I was very impressed and the car is running awesome! Thank you Andrew.

- Randall Moury

Put the intake on yesterday and I immediately noticed that my car's street manners were much improved; the car felt much smoother around time since the intake swap.  Went to my local drag strip and my car ran a 12.9 @ 111.2 my previous best in similar conditions was a 13.0 @ 109.4.  Granted my car now spins more off the line, the nearly 2 mph increase is indicative of a significant power increase.  I haven't had my car dyno'd with the ported intake on it; however judging by my mph increase I would expect it to out-perform my previous best of 363 hp and 386 torque.  Thank you Andrew for the work you have done on my intake manifold, I'm very pleased with the results thus far.

- Teddy

Cam and Heads Installs

I had the Predator NSSP cam,CSP ported intake/tb,and SLP UDP installed by Andy and Andrew street tuned my GTO.

I can't say enough about how good these guys are at what they do.I've dealt with a few other installers and tuners,but none of them come close to the guys at Complete Street Performance!!

I will never go to anyone else for work on my car because I know I'll always get nothing but excellence from these guys.

Looking for high quality work at unbeatable pricing? Well look no further because Complete Street Performance is as good as it gets imo!!

Thanks Andrew and Andy,you have a customer for life.

-Rob Carper

I recently purchased and had installed a Custom Predator Cam from Complete Street Performance. I went to a dyno day hosted by Complete Street Performance and I am so happy with the results I got. These results could not have been possible if is wasn't for the amazing tune the goat has from Andrew. He took all the necessary measures and time that was needed to get my tune perfect. He is the only person that I would let tune my car because he is so careful and treats my car like it is his own.


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